Gift UK - "Favourite Food"

Gift UK


Raise awareness for GIFT UK, a patient support group and charity supporting those with Gastroparesis, a chronic condition that reduces patient’s ability to feed themselves in a normal way, often leading to restricted diets, tube or intravenous feeding methods.


The group is for and by its members, no one understands better than they do, so who better to communicate our message.


A series of short films, and two campaign films, “Favourite food” an Awareness overview and personal stories from our members.


Gift UK - "Favourite Food"

To emphasise the difficulties faced by those suffering from chronic Gastroparesis, we asked our wonderful members what their favourite food was and how long it has been since they where able to eat it.

Hugely successful in raising awareness for a small charity and patient support group, gathering over 100,000 views in the first week including a retweet from Nigella Lawson herself.

Gift UK - "Awareness Film"

Jackie's Story