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D&AD Festival Panel

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We held a very popular panel session at the D&AD Festival yesterday on “Changing perceptions in post prohibition markets“ Our panel included a broad range of minds involved in the cannabis industry.

Paul Frost - CSO SourceMedium
Dimitri Freeman - Freeman international

Lukas Kocfelda - Cannabis & CBD investor
Helena Currie - Medicinal Cannabis Research and campaigner

As well as our own Stephan Roux and Roham Bayat

We discussed a broad range of topics from the differences between CBD and THC, Med vs Rec, but most importantly for a design and creativity festival, how our industry has a responsibility to look at the broader potential for the fibres and waste materials from the medicinal, recreational and hemp industry as part of our go to tool kit when thinking about packaging design. We can lead our clients to a greener more sustainable path.