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D&AD New Blood Awards Ceremony


We where delighted to celebrate with the pencil winners at the D&AD New Blood Award Ceremony. The amount of talent on display was striking, the future of our industry is bright!

With winning student entries from around the world, the strength and prestigious nature of the awards grows year on year, we are proud to be associated with the D&AD and always stunned by the quality of work the students produce.

This year we judged ono the Rexona (Sure) and Adidas briefs, the winning entries at all pencil levels where detailed on point and some down right hilarious, here’s looking at you T-May, move more!

The Adidas brief netted a whole heap of pencils for the high quality of entries and execution with yellow pencil winning entry Make waves with Waves also winning a black and a white pencil for impact and creativity for good.
We can’t wait for next year but until then you can view all winning entries on the D&AD website