Royal High

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With Legalisation day coming up in Canada 2018, United Greeneries challenged us to take on their consumer brands, Royal High and Captain’s choice. The aim to develop RH into the connoisseur’s choice and the finest cannabis available in 7 exceptional strains.



Utilising existing brand and utilising well known luxury and premium cues from fashion, spirits and tobacco to elevate the brand to its natural position of authority and standing.



Everything about the brand had to be considered, dealt with in minute detail to ensure these values are immediately obvious to consumers who would be receiving their flower in rather plain regulated packages.

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The INRS team did an exceptional job taking the original Royal High brand and making it into what it needed to be. We’d been operating in the medicinal space before where branding was not so important. As Oct 17th 2018 approached we needed to be ready, the RH rebrand did this and some.

Brock Freeman
- Brand Development Director

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