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Having completed United Greeneries initial branding during their launch phase, INRS were re-engaged to bring the brand a more focused and modern feel, helping them become British Columbia’s premier cannabis growing facility.



Modernise the brand, humanise the content and allow the values and virtues of the amazingly passionate team to shine. Find a way to talk about our quality and passion without talking or showing cannabis.



A full brand refresh and rollout, utilising modern typography, stunning photography and rooting the brand in British Columbia (BC is world renowned for quality Cannabis).

Stunning Portraits root the team on Vancouver Island, their stories and passion providing genuine authenticity.

A flag to stand behind

A flag to stand behind

Designed from the values of the company, the United Greeneries “Flag“ is core to the brand. A custom typeface provides the brand with two ownable marques.

The vibrant green cuts through other brands in the space by not trying to be earthy. It’s vibrance shines through the team.

We Love Cannabis

We Love Cannabis

The United Greeneries team are a passionate and dedicated bunch, who love their jobs.

In a market where we can’t show any pictures of the product they produce with such dedication, we tell their stories, focusing on their skills and their passion for cannabis, setting them apart from other mass players. Bringing life and faces to United Greeneries brand.

To read their stories visit unitedgreeneries.ca

"The INRS team where fantastic they took the time to listen to all the team and allowed their passion to shine"

"The INRS team where fantastic they took the time to listen to all the team and allowed their passion to shine"

Brock Freeman - Brand Development Director

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The Team

The Team

To root the team on Vancouver Island, we took them out of the amazingly sterile and secure facility in their work scrubs to explore the wonderful scenery and nature the island has to offer. While presenting the team as the dedicated and down right fascinating bunch of cannabis enthusiasts they are.